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[Nov. 5th, 2004|01:09 am]


I know this community has been dead for a while, but perhaps now is a better time than any for a great big hug.

So, to get things going, here are five hugs for my good friend John Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts.


1. Had the balls to not only volunteer to fight in the nightmare that was Vietnam, but to also speak out loudly about the artocities he encountered while there, giving a small shred of hope to the severely damaged young men that shared his experiences.

2. Threw his hat in the ring to go up against one of the most dastardly presidents this country has ever had, knowing full well that said president's maniacal advisor would inflict upon him a hell rivaling the one he experienced in Nam.

3. Drafted an intensive policy plan to pull our fine country out of the shit-hole and back into the good graces of our international neighbors.

4. Refused to let his religious beliefs cloud his legislative decisions.

5. Managed to rally the support of 49 percent of the country against an incumbent war-time president, winning close to five million more votes than said president won in 2000.

Of course, I could go on. But perhaps I'll let you, fine community member, provide the rest.

[User Picture]From: westbaymonument
2004-12-23 02:51 pm (UTC)
I can't get behind this, but I'll hug you for trying.
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