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E*rock invited me to the clothes swap party even though she was… - The Hug You Crew! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 19th, 2005|08:09 pm]


E*rock invited me to the clothes swap party even though she was concerned enough to say, "If anyone asks, you're my uncle." Happy to say that nobody asked.

When I said to E*rock that talking for two hours on the phone was in the girlfriend-boyfriend realm, she said "I think of it more as two old ladies gossiping about the neighborhood."

E*rock played a three-stringed bass for the longest time and drew on it to make it look better.

E*rock asked me to let her know how her brother was doing, even though they are estranged, even though I said "Some people you just don't have to have in your life."

When I brought an old rubber ball to Heritage Park and kicked it around a bit, a little boy picked it up and started kicking it around and kept getting further and further away. When I made a motion towards them. E*rock said, "Let it go." And I said, "Wow. You're right."

If I wanted to ask someone if the proper word is "further" or "farther" I'd call E*rock, and she'd probably know.

When I told E*rock that Leah and I bought her a present, she said, "I'm afraid" in a cute way.

[User Picture]From: paully
2005-02-20 04:25 am (UTC)

two updates

1. The present was for her birthday and Leah didn't really get it or have a lot to do with getting it, but she was responsibile for introducing me to the people who had a table across from the person from whom i bought it. And Leah and I have gotten her presents before, and her and I have gotten Leah presents before.

2. After further thought, i think I need to drop the away or replace further with farther. Seems like I might have spanglished that one in mixohybridian mode.

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